Attract-and-Kill Holds Promise

As the field season winds to a close, the data pouring in from the SARE-funded project examining attract-and-kill as a strategy to reduce insecticide use while maintaining control of brown marmorated stink bug popuplations is holding much progress. Fruit damage severity and frequency is significantly less in attract-and-kill blocks compared to a grower standard. Keep up with the progress of the project on another webpage I manage specifically for that group:

2 thoughts on “Attract-and-Kill Holds Promise

  1. Just wanted to let you know, outside the side door to my daughter’s home lives what appears to be a family of black bold jumpers that seem to enjoy munching on the stink bugs that are trying to invade her home. Even though they are not fond of the spiders living so close, they are not killing them but are hoping it will keep the population of stink bugs down! We do have a picture if you are interested.

    • Thanks for letting us know. That corresponds with prior observations our team has made about the benefit of spiders at overwintering locations for the brown marmorated stink bug (e.g. people’s homes). For example, see this recent article that we published on spiders acting as predators of stink bugs It turns out that 13-20% of spider webs contained dead brown marmorated stink bug adults in various structures, including a private residence. That certainly helps with suppressing the population, but unfortunately isn’t going to be sufficient in and of itself. That is why tactics like the attract-and-kill we have evaluated here, as well as biocontrol through more specific natural enemies (such as the parasitoids of BMSB) will be important components of managing this pest throughout the landscape.

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