rob_morrison_headshotI am broadly interested in insect-plant interactions. In particular, I am interested in how these interactions may be mediated by semiochemicals. In addition, I am fascinated by the behavioral ecology of pests, both in terms of movement in the landscape and also in relation to their multitrophic interactions with higher and lower trophic levels. I am also strongly interested in the consequences this type of knowledge has for management in agriculture. In pursuit of these goals, I employ chemical, behavioral, ecological, and molecular methods, both in the field and the lab, to develop sustainable solutions for pressing pest problems for society.

In May 2014, I wrapped up my doctoral work at Michigan State University in the Department of Entomology. I worked as a post-doctoral research associate with the USDA-ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Dr. Tracy Leskey’s laboratory. From 2014-2016, I researched the behavioral basis for attract-and-kill and trap cropping, as well as biological control and the improvement of monitoring and surveillance systems for the invasive brown marmorated stink bug.

I am currently a Research Entomologist with the USDA-ARS Center for Grain and Animal Health Research in Manhttan, KS. My current research involves examining the chemical ecology and behavioral ecology of stored product pests in order to develop integrated pest management programs to reduce the use of insecticides.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project or in getting in touch with me, you can contact me at william.morrison “at” ars.usda.gov.



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