In 2016, this video was submitted to ESA’s YouTube Contest for ICE 2016. It deals with an international effort to develop monitoring and exclusion tactics for New Zealand’s fruit industry, and is a collaboration between researchers at the Lincoln University, USDA-ARS, and Virginia Tech.

In 2015, I submitted this video to ESA’s YouTube Contest. It deals with looking at the patterns of egg damage caused by native predators in the mid-Atlantic USA, and being able to relate the type of damage to the type of predator causing the damage. This was a collaborative project with Dr. Mathews from Shepherd University.

This video was intended to discuss, in a serious manner, the research that I am currently doing in my post-doc position in Dr. Tracy Leskey’s lab at the USDA in Kearneysville, WV. It mostly deals with the brown marmorated stink bug and developing alternative approaches to control. This was the first place winner for the “Research” category in ESA’s YouTube Contest.

On the other hand, this particular video was made to discuss similar topics, but in a fun way by parodying Disney’s the Lion King’s “Can you Feel the Love Tonight?”

I made this video to communicate some of the research that I’ve done for my dissertation. I entered it into the “Outreach” category of the Entomological Society of America’s YouTube Entomology Video Contest, and it was one of three ¬†finalists for a Stinger Award in the category.

Also, during the course of my doctoral work, I created an informative slideshow on Flickr to share with growers about identifying and understanding the asparagus miner:

Asparagus Miner Identification & Life History

This next video was made by my colleagues and I in a course. It was entered into the “Teaching” category of the Entomological Society of America’s YouTube Entomology Video Contest, and won a Stinger Award for best entry in the category.


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